A native of Minnesota, Mike was born in South St. Paul and grew up in the southern Twin Cities area.  After graduation from high school, he began working full-time in the trade’s field while putting himself through college.  Mike graduated from the University of St. Thomas in 1989 with a B.A. in Business Administration.  Later in his career Mike would continue his education and earn a Masters in Management from St. Mary’s University.  

Professionally, Mike has worked over 30 years in a corporate setting in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.  Positions he has held focused in the areas customer service, supply chain , project management and operations.  Working in a corporate setting allowed him to sharpen his skills in leadership, collaboration, listening, communicating, and team work.  

Currently, Mike is a small business owner serving customers in the southern Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Being a small business owner, he is the driving force behind the motivation, growth and vision for his business.  More recent times have required extra attention on fiscal responsibility, creativity and adaptability to maintain the stability of his business.

As a person, Mike is a hard worker that is committed to get the job done.  His open, honest and sincere approach often inspires others.  People trust Mike and appreciate the passion displayed by him in what he is trying to achieve.

Personally, Mike has been married to Vicki for almost 30 years.  They have raised three boys over that time while living in the southern suburbs.  In his free-time Mike likes to travel, work on various projects and be outdoors.  Mike is a person who will always find something to keep himself busy.